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Turbo Sensor Ultrasonic Scaler

SKU: 685-D560
$970.45 $1,095.35

Cavitron Swivel Handpiece Cable Black

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-81277
$579.15 $606.95

Cavitron O-Rings Black 12/Pk

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-62351
$19.49 $26.50

BLACK FRIDAY: $400 Rebate! (Manufacturer Fulfilled)

Cavitron 300 Series Ultrasonic Scaling System Package

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-8161429
$4,113.49 $5,111.09

Cavitron Plus Ultrasonic Scaler Complete Kit

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-8161425
$3,497.49 $4,338.65


Cavitron 300 Series Ultrasonic Scaling System Unit

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-8270310
$3,428.49 $4,026.59

Cavitron Select SPS Ultrasonic Scaler w/Reservoir Pump

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-81308
$3,599.49 $3,697.25

Cavitron Select SPS Ultrasonic Scaling System

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-8161424
$2,650.99 $3,293.60

Cavitron Select SPS Ultrasonic Scaler

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-81302
$2,150.99 $2,498.30


EMS Electro Medical System
SKU: 618-FT-221#NA/002
$2,014.15 $2,399.99

Bobcat Pro 115V Dom Packed

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-81201
$1,058.49 $1,219.09

Beaver Elite 2.0 Ultrasonic Scaler Dual Bottle

Vector R & D
SKU: 405-SC-100
$1,005.45 $1,149.99

Cavitron Select Reservoir Pump With Bottle

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-90146
$837.49 $983.79

Newtron Slim B. LED Piezo Handpiece

SKU: 326-F12905
$822.79 $919.59

SP Newtron Handpiece Light Grey

SKU: 326-F12281
$695.30 $750.19

Cavitron Touch G1000 HP Cord Black

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-82507-1
$591.39 $608.45

Cavitron Ultrasonic Scaler G139 Replacement Cable Gray

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-8134803

PowerMAX25 Ultrasonic Scaling System

TPC Advanced Technology
SKU: 374-PM25

Cavitron Steri-Mate 360 Detachable Sterilizable Handpiece Each

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-8183201
$378.49 $464.20

Scalex 800 Ultrasonic Scaler 25kHz

SKU: 949-800

DREAM Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler DS6 Plus with 3 Modes and tips

3D Dental Designs & Development
SKU: 333-UPS-DS6

Ultrasonic Piezo Scaler

House Brand
SKU: 999-SE450

SWERV3 25K Handpiece

SKU: 616-UMHP25
$284.19 $294.05

Perio Tip (for Turbo Piezo scaler)

SKU: 685-D693
$131.95 $135.09

Piezo Scaler Handpiece Only For Woodpecker & DTE

3D Dental Designs & Development
SKU: 333-UDS-A-H

SWERV3 Magnetostrictive Foot Control On/Off


Piezo Handpiece BS Series for P3II/P4/P6

Bonart Medical Technology, Inc.
SKU: 401-PS0018-262
$135.45 $147.38

Interproximal Scaler Tip #10X

SKU: 326-F00359
$116.00 $134.99

PowerMAX 25k Ultrasonic Scaler Handpiece Assembly

TPC Advanced Technology
SKU: 374-S8001

Scaler Tip SU1 EMS Type

Vista Dental Products
SKU: 250-502101
$67.99 $80.65

Scaler Tip HFR Metric/EMS

Vista Dental Products
SKU: 250-502204
$67.99 $80.65

Scaler Tip HC Metric/EMS

Vista Dental Products
SKU: 250-502103
$67.99 $80.65

Universal Ultrasonic Wrench-Metal

SKU: 326-F00406
$66.20 $81.49

Ultrasonic Endo Tip Diamond Coat GE20D Universal/Acteon

Vista Dental Products
SKU: 250-401301
$67.99 $80.65

Scaler Tip SU6

Vista Dental Products
SKU: 250-401409
$67.99 $80.65

SWERV3 Magnetostrictive Water Filter


Air Scaler Sickle Tip Titan Type

House Brand
SKU: 999-SE490

Air Scaler Universal Tip Titan Type

House Brand
SKU: 999-SE485

Cavitron Select Reservoir Bottle

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-90148
$49.85 $49.99

Piezo Scaling Tip 45 Angle BS-10P

Bonart Medical Technology, Inc.
SKU: 401-TP0102-082

Cavitron Soft Tip Wrench Tip Tool

Dentsply Sirona - Preventives
SKU: 428-380060
$33.40 $36.59

Piezo Scaler Tip #3

TPC Advanced Technology
SKU: 374-A763
$28.95 $29.99

Piezo Scaler Tip #5

TPC Advanced Technology
SKU: 374-A765
$28.95 $29.99

Piezo Scaler Tip #1

TPC Advanced Technology
SKU: 374-A761
$28.95 $29.99

Universal Scaler Piezo Tip B

SKU: 949-88004
$26.29 $30.60

T7 Scaler Tip For EMS Style unit

3D Dental Designs & Development
SKU: 333-USTP-T7

T4 Scaler Tip For EMS Style unit

3D Dental Designs & Development
SKU: 333-USTP-T4

T3 Scaler Tip For EMS Style unit

3D Dental Designs & Development
SKU: 333-USTP-T3

Cavitron Ultrasonic Scalers

Cavitron ultrasonic scalers are a state-of-the-art dental device made to provide superior performance. With patented tap-on technology, Cavitron scalers allow dentists and hygienists to quickly and effectively remove plaque or calculus from the teeth with minimal effort. The ultrasonic scaler is designed with precision and performance in mind, providing superior results during all dental procedures. With its ability to clean with a gentler touch, the scaler helps reduce gum trauma and patient discomfort – all while providing superior results. It is also capable of delivering high power for deep cleaning, ensuring an effective and thorough result every time.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best ultrasonic scaler?

  • When considering ultrasonic scalers, it is important to remember that there’s not just one “best” option. Different users have different needs and preferences, so it is important to find a system that meets those requirements. However, with its combination of quality, performance, and convenience, the Cavitron ultrasonic scaler stands out as an excellent choice for modern dental practices. For more information on this topic, check out our Cavitron Information blog!

What are the benefits of using a Cavitron?

  • There are several benefits of using a Cavitron, including finer water control, efficiency, an autoclavable handpiece, the opportunity to reduce leg and ankle discomfort during longer procedures, etc. It is also one of the easiest scalers for dental professionals to use since it has a simple single tap on/off switch. The sound waves created by the Cavitron are remarkably gentle, allowing the hygienist to provide patient comfort without compromising on effectiveness.

What is the difference between 25K and 30K Cavitron?

  • Cavitron ultrasonic inserts come in two varieties: 25K (25,000 cycles per second) and 30K (30,000 cycles per second). Both offer the same cleaning capabilities, but they differ in terms of how fast they resonate and ultimately remove calculus. While a 25K insert vibrates at 25,000 cycles per second, a 30K insert vibrates at 30,000 cycles per second. This means that a 30K insert is more powerful than its 25K counterpart.

What is the disadvantage of ultrasonic scaling?

  • Ultrasonic scaling is a popular choice among dentists for its precision and efficiency, however there are some drawbacks to be aware of. One disadvantage is that ultrasonic scaling produces some noise which may cause discomfort to some people. In addition, patients may experience tooth hypersensitivity after the procedure due to the removal of plaque and tartar from around their teeth. Lastly, these scalers require a power supply in order to operate, making them more difficult to transport and use compared to manual scaling.

How often should you clean an ultrasonic scaler?

  • It is recommended that an ultrasonic scaler must be cleaned after each use to prevent cross contamination between patients.

Is there a warranty?

  • Dentsply Sirona offers a 1 year warranty for the Cavitron Ultrasonic Scalers.