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Lil' Beaver Deluxe Ultrasonic Scaler Black

Vector R & D
SKU: 405-SC-DL100
$890.10 $1,149.99

Lil' Beaver Classic Ultrasonic Scaler

Vector R & D
SKU: 405-SC-CL001
$594.95 $594.99

Lil Beaver Ultrasonic Scaler

Product Details

Vector R&D’s Lil Beaver Ultrasonic Scaler is designed to make prophylaxis and other operative dentistry treatments easier. It effectively removes stubborn calculus and stains both supragingival and subgingival, leaving crown and root surfaces clean and smooth. The scaler features a lightweight, ergonomic design that allows for easy use over long periods of time. Additionally, the adjustable power options, improved durability, and ergonomic handles provide increased control for dentists and a more comfortable experience for patients. With its dual-frequency of 25KHz and 30KHz, the Lil Beaver Ultrasonic Scaler ensures accuracy and precision every time. 


It features an aluminum housing that allows for easy cleaning and disinfection, as well as a provided vertical mounting stand to keep the unit secure during use. The device is also equipped with a state-of-the-art turbo boost foot pedal that provides precise control of the ultrasonic power output, enabling the user to customize their cleaning and scaling needs. The Lil Beaver is designed with maximum patient comfort in mind, and has proven clinical reliability and performance. 

Features and Benefits: 

  • - Unique design allows it to accept both 25K (long) and 30K (short) ultrasonic inserts
  • - No need for an adapter or switch - the unit automatically adjusts to accommodate any style or brand.
  • - The scaler has a turbo boost feature with two-position foot pedals for greater control and positioning accuracy – press lightly for regular dial power, press firmly for TURBO.
  • - Comes with a user-friendly foot pedal that is pressure-sensitive to control the power level, providing adjustable speed settings.
  • - Comes with a LED lit display panel that offers digital power adjustment
  • - Has a removable handpiece cable
  • - Available in three different models: Lil Beaver Classic, Lil Beaver Deluxe, Lil Beaver 2.0 

Item Specs:

  • - Product Name: Lil Beaver Classic Ultrasonic Scaler 
  • - Manufacturer: Vector R&D
  • - Dimensions: 
    • 2.5"H x 7"W x 9"D (horizontal orientation)
    • 8.25"H x 6.5"W x 9"D (vertical orientation) 
  • - Weight: 6lbs
  • - Warranty: 1 year