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We compared prices with some of the "Big Guys" and got the results below. For a detailed price comparison tailored to your specific products, you can send us invoices from any dealer and Crazy Dental Prices will show you the savings! See a full list of price comparisons >

Dental ProductSafcoPearsonSmartPracticeScheinCrazy DentalPercent of Savings!
Beesure Powder Free Latex Gloves $8.79$7.85$9.49$12.49$7.30
EarLoop Mask, 50/Box, Generic $6.45$6.25$7.09$11.49$4.95
Flow DV-58 Econo Pak Film, Sz 2, 600/Box $163.50$153.85$166.99$199.99$142.19
FujiCEM 2 Automix Package $233.75$250.85$242.89$282.99$216.25
Iso-Form Crowns Refill, 5/box $24.95$24.65$26.89$29.99$23.15
Kodak (Cook-waite) Lidocaine, red/green $30.50$32.30$33.39$42.49$28.29
Sterilization Pouches, 3-1/2" x 9", 200/Pkg $8.95$5.80$10.29$11.49$5.65
Topical Anesthetic Gel, 1oz jar $5.45$4.50$6.59$8.29$2.70

What makes our service so much better?

Sit back and let our monkeys do all the work for you! Crazy Dental Prices allows you to take advantage of the best one stop shopping experience in the industry. You place an order with us, we find you the best deals from all of our participating dealers, and disseminate your order to the dealers with the best pricing available. They then ship your order direct and charge you at our exclusive crazy prices.


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I have been using Crazy Dental for all my dental supply needs for the last five years and have found their customer service staff very helpful. In addition, I am able to save about 40 to 50 percent over leading dental suppliers for the same brand name products. I encourage any dentist to try Crazy Dental.
Andrew K., DDS, California